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PVC Waterstop

Product Description:

Durajoint PVC Waterstop is a product designed for use in concrete construction containing joints, one side of which is subject to hydrostatic pressure.

Durajoint waterstop is used as a barrier within the joint to prevent the passage of liquid through or across the joint. It is embedded in the concrete on both sides of the joint, and spans the joint. It is designed to accommodate lateral and transverse movement which can cause a joint to open, close or misalign.

Our technical data sheet for PVC Waterstop is available in PDF format.

International Waterstop Brochure

Basic Uses:

Structures requiring the use of Durajoint waterstop are basements, retaining walls, dams, locks, sewage treatment and water treatment plants, storage tanks, water reservoirs, canals, culverts, tunnels, elevator pits, roof and floor slabs, parking decks, bridge decks and abutments - and any other concrete structure requiring tight joints.

Composition and Material:

Durajoint waterstop is extruded from an elastomeric plastic compound consisting of virgin polyvinyl chloride and additional resins, plasticizers and stabilizers to meet or exceed the requirements and performance criteria of the Corps of Engineers Specifications CRD-C 572-74. An Arctic Grade is available on request to meet Ontario Hydro Standard M-264-81. Durajoint is chemically inert, contains no materials leachable by water, and is highly resistant to ozone and oxygen, and to waterborne chemicals.

Durajoint waterstop is fungus resistant as tested against the specifications outlined in Military Standard 810B, Method 508. It will not fatigue with repeated flexing, and retains its strength and elasticity through a temperature range from as low as -35 F (-37.2 C) to a high of +175 F(+79.3 C).

Types of Waterstop:

The most common and versatile type PVC waterstop used. It is used in expansion, contraction and construction joints, particularly where a large amount of movement is expected. The greater the movement, the larger the bulb that should be used. The bulb works with both lateral and transverse movement, and the ribs provide better watertight sealing than do non-ribbed types

Ribbed Waterstop without Centerbulb

Waterstop used in construction joints where little or no movement is expected. Again, the bulb works with both lateral and transverse movement, and the ribs provide better watertight sealing than do non-ribbed types.

Ribbed Waterstop without Centerbulb

Waterstop used to eliminate split form work where desirable.

Split Waterstop

Waterstop primarily used in below-grade joints where little or no movement is anticipated, or in joints where predetermined lateral movement is 1" or less.

Dumbell Waterstop without Centerbulb

Waterstop used in selected application where movement, even if transverse and longitudinal, must be accommodated.

Dumbell Waterstop with Centerbulb

Waterstop designed for on grade installation at the bottom of concrete slabs to prevent upward seepage of ground water through joints, or in thin slab construction, or to waterproof joints at wall/slab junctions.

Baseal Waterstop
Factory Made Splices

Flat and vertical L's, T's and Crosses are available on request. When splicing waterstop in the field, use a thermostatically controlled heat iron.